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Radio CV (ILR Work)

2007-2010 The Severn Shrewsbury/Oswestry MNA Group weekend breakfast presenter both Shrewsbury/Oswestry, afternoon drive Oswestry, covered all other shows plus covered shows on the sister station Telford FM (Pete Wagstaff) lots of fun at the Severn.

2005-2007 The Bay Lancaster CN Radio Group weekend breakfast presenter, covered all other shows, weekend breakfast saw year-on-year & quarter-on-quarter gains, Saturday breakfast highest audience peak of the station 17,000 Q1 2006 (88,000), Sunday breakfast Q1 2005 31,000 audience increased to 58,000 by Q3 2005, view RAJAR graph (Sarah Graham) the Bay was always my favourite station.


2003-2004 Ivel FM Somerset TLRC part of the original launch team, afternoon drive presenter & audio controller (I was glad to go back to the Bay)


2002-2003 The Bay Lancaster CN Radio Saturday evening show, holiday cover, covered most other shows, went back to the Bay beginning of 2005 (John Gilmore) 


2001 Dune FM Southport Forward Media & TLRC weekend breakfast, evening show, covered all other weekday shows, 2006 holiday cover


2000 Wire FM Warrington Wireless Group VT/Live work, 2004-2005 holiday cover (John Evington)


Other Stations CFM Radio, Silk FM, 2BR, Wish FM & Wyvern FM


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